Installation Options:

#1 Install from IntelliJ IDEA (latest version):

  1. On IDEA menu: Preferences (Ctrl+Shift+S) -> Plugins -> Browse repositories... -> Search: TestMe -> Install Plugin
  2. Restart IDEA.

#2 Manual installation (of any previous version):

  1. Download a any released version from TestMe Releases Notes
  2. On IDEA menu: Preferences (Ctrl+Shift+S) -> Plugins -> Install plugin from disk... -> Select previously downloaded zip file -> OK
  3. Restart IDEA.

Version Compatibility

TestMe plugin latest versions are usually compatible with latest IDEA versions. A newly released IDEA version might be incompatible with latest TestMe plugin, in such case please report an issue on the project forum page .For older IDEA versions - 14.x, 15.x, 2016.x, 2017.x, 2018.x… - there are matching TestMe plugin versions that can be suggested by IDEA plugin manager. Please refer to the Releases Notes page to review IDEA version compatibility matrix.

EAP versions

Some feature/bugfixes are first released as EAP versions

EAP Installation Options:

#1 - From Jetbrains plugin manager

  • Settings -> Plugins -> Gear Icon on top -> Manage Plugin Repositories -> + sign -> set this url

#2 - Manual Installation

  • Download relevant version from
  • Open Settings -> Plugins -> Gear Icon on top -> Install Plugin from Disk