TestMe IntelliJ Plugin generates Unit Test boilerplate code, leaving the developer to add the Unit Test logic.

Generating Unit Test

Navigate from IDEA menu: Code -> TestMe... (Alt+Shift+Q) -> select Unit Test template from the popup menu.

Currently available Unit Test Templates

  • Unit4 + Mockito
  • Unit5 + Mockito
  • TestNG + Mockito
  • Groovy +Unit4 + Mockito
  • Spock + Mockito
  • Spock Parameterized tests+ Mockito
  • Specs2(Scala) + Mockito

* Groovy and Scala templates will only be available if the matching Jetbrains Groovy/Scala plugins are installed in IDEA. Jetbrains Groovy plugin is bundled with IntelliJ OOB. Scala plugin requires installation

Generate new unit test

Alternative Navigation paths

  • Code -> Generate... (Alt+Ins ) -> TestMe...
  • Navigate -> Test (Ctrl+Shift+T) -> TestMe...


Option #1 - Install latest version from within IntelliJ IDEA:

  1. On IDEA menu: Preferences (Ctrl+Shift+S) -> Plugins -> Browse repositories... -> Search: TestMe -> Install Plugin
  2. Restart IDEA.

Option #2 - Manual installation of any previous version:

  1. Download a any released version from TestMe Releases Notes
  2. On IDEA menu: Preferences (Ctrl+Shift+S) -> Plugins -> Install plugin from disk... -> Select previously downloaded zip file -> OK
  3. Restart IDEA.

Version Compatibility

TestMe plugin latest versions are usually compatible with latest IDEA versions. A newly released IDEA version might be incompatible with latest TestMe plugin, in such case please report an issue on the project forum page .For older IDEA versions - 14.x, 15.x, 2016.x, 2017.x, 2018.x. - there are matching TestMe plugin versions that can be suggested by IDEA plugin manager. Please refer to the Releases Notes page to review IDEA version compatibility matrix.