Custom Templates

Custom test generation templates can be defined in IDEA Settings/Preferences menu: File -> Settings... (Ctrl+Alt+S / Cmd+,) -> TestMe -> TestMe Templates

TestMe Settings

Test generation templates are based on Velocity templates engine. Existing, OOB ( out of the box ) test generation templates cannot be modified but they can be viewed and cloned. The cloned templates can be edited. Saved custom test templates will immediately become available for selection from TestMe test generation popup (Alt+Shift+Q / Option + Shift + Q).

Defining custom templates

Available options to mange custom templates:

  • Clone and modify existing template
  • Create a new template from scratch
  • Delete a custom template
  • Define a shared code file, on the Includes tab, to be reused between templates

Target test subject class introspection is supported for Java, Groovy & Scala only (if Jetbrains Groovy/Scala plugins are installed and enabled), but test classes can be generated for any language by specifying the required extension on the newly defined custom template.

Tip: You might notice on the OOB templates - commented out import statements - these statements will be generated as un-commented code on the test class. At least for supported languages - Java, Groovy, Scala. They are commented out on the test template as a workaround since typically imports are optimized automatically post test generation. Sometimes its handy to get static imports of mock or assertion library ready to be used even if newly generated test code did not make any use of it.

Velocity Template context

Custom variables/objects are injected and available at runtime from the Velocity template. Following variable can be used with Velocity’s $ operator:

Variable Description
CLASS_NAME Test subject class name
PACKAGE_NAME Test subject package name
TESTED_CLASS_LANGUAGE Test subject class name
MAX_RECURSION_DEPTH Configured max recursion depth for object graph introspection
STRING_UTILS Instance of com.weirddev.testme.intellij.template.context.StringUtils
TESTED_CLASS Instance of com.weirddev.testme.intellij.template.context.Type - representing Class of target test subject
TEST_BUILDER Instance of com.weirddev.testme.intellij.template.context.TestBuilder
MOCKITO_MOCK_BUILDER Instance of com.weirddev.testme.intellij.template.context.MockitoMockBuilder
TEST_SUBJECT_UTILS Instance of com.weirddev.testme.intellij.template.context.TestSubjectInspector
MONTH_NAME_EN Current English Month name. format MMMM
DAY_NUMERIC Current Day of month for numeric calculations. i.e. if today is January the 2nd then DAY_NUMERIC is 2
HOUR_NUMERIC Current Hour for numeric calculations. i.e. if the current time is 09:45 then HOUR_NUMERIC is 9
MINUTE_NUMERIC Current Minute for numeric calculations. i.e. if the current time is 09:05 then MINUTE_NUMERIC is 5
SECOND_NUMERIC Current Second for numeric calculations. i.e. if the current time is 09:15:05 then SECOND_NUMERIC is 5